Feb 10, 2023

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Kari Rae Millett, Body Liberation coach, Kari Rae Coaching

Kari Rae’s culinary background of 6 years led her to be featured at Healthy Life Expo in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities Women’s Expo in St. Paul, and the Body, Mind, & Spirit Expo in Brooklyn Center. Her experience as a...

Oct 07, 2022

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Chelsea Ferguson, Founder of Chapter 2 Coaching

My entire professional career prior to Coaching had been in the Hotel industry. It was amazing and I totally loved it. I love people and travel so it was a great fit. While i loved it, I did start to wonder how fulfilled I was and was...

Sep 30, 2022

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Audrey Alice Stéffan, Founder of I am Audrey Alice

Audrey is a happily divorced Mama of 3, but it wasn't always that way. She remembers vividly the first 18 months post-divorce and the constant state of pain & disbelief as well as the utter chaos that comes with such a big life...

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