CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Kari Rae Millett, Body Liberation coach, Kari Rae Coaching

Kari Rae’s culinary background of 6 years led her to be featured at Healthy Life Expo in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities Women’s Expo in St. Paul, and the Body, Mind, & Spirit Expo in Brooklyn Center. Her experience as a private chef for 4 years showed her that every body is different, and there’s more to health than just food. She’s incorporated this knowledge into her coaching practice and is determined to help women of all sizes feel loved and seen for who they really are. Her inspiration is drawn from her passion of traveling, dining out, body movement, and life experiences.


What inspired you to start your own business?
My dad lived and died by embodying a story that wasn't his to own. And if I could save one person, one family from not experiencing the entire heart disease journey, that my life's work, was worth it. I want the world to know that we don't need to live by stories given to us by other people; we can create and live by our own stories.
In your own words, what do you do?
I lead women through the inner work in order to Embody their Curvaceous Queen, which allows them to love themselves & their bodies unconditionally, stand in their worth, and Embody who they are unapologetically, no matter their shape or size.
What does success mean to you?
The level of satisfaction, peace, and fulfillment I feel when my head hits the pillow at night. Knowing that I made a difference, that I served the best of my ability, and that I touched someone's heart that needed my message today.
What is the ultimate dream for your business? And what is the current goal you are super excited to work towards?
To host a massive live concert event with 3 stages at one venue in Vegas, featuring Beyoncé, Pink, & Lizzo where we can all be seen, heard, & loved as we are. My current focus is on working 1-on-1 with people and work my way up to hosting in-person retreats.
What is the biggest thing you've learned through entrepreneurship?
Showing up "imperfectly" is the perfect way to show up.
What is one thing that you learned during our time working together that has stuck with you, and why?
A reminder that you have given me that has allowed me to show up in a more powerful way is to show up as who I am TODAY. Allowing who I am today to be enough. I don't always have capacity to do full make up and hair, my 100%, but it's those days in between, I can stand for who I am that day AND STILL CHOOSE to show up.
What’s your favorite social network to use for business, and why?
Instagram hands down. I love the exposure, the ability to connect with others around the world, and how I can creatively share my message with such versatility.
What's something new in your world that you are super excited to share?
My 3-month private coaching container called Courageously Embodied. This is for curvaceous women who are ready to do the inner work by peeling back the layers of stories that is keeping them from loving themselves and their body unconditionally.
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