Speaking with Soul

"It only takes one Voice at the right pitch, to start an avalanche"

Dianna Hardy

Hi I'm Theresa,

I'm the Podcast Co-Host of Dissecting Success a Bestselling Author, Coach and Business Mentor and speaking is my love language. 

I've always been a natural story teller, yet never fully understood the power of it until I worked with Pat Quinn to develop my signature talk. 

Looking for a speaker for your next event or a guest on your podcast? 

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Guest Speaking 2021
  • The Grit + Grace Podcast

    The Grit + Grace Podcast
    Achieve with Grace (+boundaries) LISTEN
  • The Grit + Grace Podcast Takeover

    The Grit + Grace Podcast Takeover
    How to stop your Story LISTEN
  • Keeping it Real with America's Super Mom

    Keeping it Real with America's Super Mom
  • Focus & Freedom Podcast

    Focus & Freedom Podcast
  • The Weekly by FEM/ME Facebook Group

    The Weekly by FEM/ME Facebook Group



Theresa Lambert is a phenomenal speaker, frequently engaging audiences of women of recreation tourism and hospitality for WORTH Association. She was the first person I asked to sit on our Empower Her panel event in Whistler. Her insights resonated with the audience of young professionals, elevating her to role model status from her very first words. When the pandemic invited chaos to our industry, we invited Theresa to co-host a two part series called "Navigating Uncertainty". Her workshop was very well received by our community during some dark days. She offered practical solutions and a sense of optimism, infusing humour into her presentation. She is a dynamic, engaging and impactful speaker. She brings a wealth of experience as a professional, a best selling author and a thought leader on a variety of topics.

Joanna Jagger, MA, CPHR, Founder & President WORTH Association

I've had the absolute pleasure to be speaking on these podcasts, as well as have spoken at women in hospitality events such as Empower Her, facilitated panel conversations for Women of Whistler and have spoken at private events organized by SheLeads Tech Vancouver and the All About Me Event organized by the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

I've also been honoured to lead workshops both public and private for WORTH, the WNORTH Members Club and Chén̓chenstway Team. 

If you are looking for a speaker for your upcoming event, podcast or to facilitate a training session or lunch&learn for your organization let's connect!

My favourite topics include leadership, energy management, the new paradigm of success, burnout, boundaries, goals & intentional action, achieving with grace, defining your worth, values, mindset, elegant success, business strategy & entrepreneurship, personal branding, sales and high-performance. 

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