CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Chelsea Ferguson, Founder of Chapter 2 Coaching

My entire professional career prior to Coaching had been in the Hotel industry. It was amazing and I totally loved it. I love people and travel so it was a great fit. While i loved it, I did start to wonder how fulfilled I was and was craving a career that felt more meaningful and impactful. My transition into coaching in 2020 was inspired by own life events. Having gone through a divorce with young children was hard. I knew how badly I needed practical support and advice when i was in the thick of it. I am now insanely passionate and grateful to be able to help guide women into their best versions in their own Chapter 2.

What inspired you to start your own business?
First and foremost, passion. I love what I do. I feel so energized when I finish up a client call and that woman is feeling better about herself and more positive than her future - it is so rewarding to walk alongside these women in their journeys they are bravely navigating. Freedom and flexibility was another big driver. Being a single parent with 2 young kids is hard. I craved the freedmon to set my own schedule and make my own hours so I can balance being there for all the important moments in my kids life.
In your own words, what do you do?
I help divorced women get realigned with themselves to create a peaceful balance in their Chapter 2.
What does success mean to you?
Success means waking up every morning (okay well maybe most) and being grateful for the life I am living and excited for the day ahead.
What is the ultimate dream for your business? And what is the current goal you are super excited to work towards?
The ultimate dream would be Chapter 2 helping empower hundreds and thousands of women to build their best selves. I see group coaching, I see retreats, I also see a book in my future.
What is the biggest thing you've learned through entrepreneurship?
I am seeing that the inner work and keeping my vibration high is equally as important as the KPI's. If I am in a lower vibe those negative thoughts can creep in and that good old imposter syndrome voice that pops up every now and again. My daily habits that support my best self are becoming more important to me than ever before in my entrepreneurship journey.
What is one thing that you learned during our time working together that has stuck with you, and why?
"Who's story is it?" The reflections back to me about the story I was telling myself about what a productive day looks like (my story being I need to be at my desk from 8am-5pm). I was holding onto old stories that were not even mine.
What’s your favorite social network to use for business, and why?
Facebook. The facebook group I have created for women in their Chapter 2 is my favourite social media space. It is very much a place of safety, inspiration and positivity. Good vibes only!
What's something new in your world that you are super excited to share?
I am working behind the scenes to create a group coaching experience. It will be a 6-week group program for women to consciously and confidently move on past divorce. Going through divorce can feel very scary and lonely. Creating a safe group coaching space where women can heal together I believe will be very powerful and help these women to speed up their healing process.
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