A VIP WEEK to teach you how to launch your programs and services online with ease.

A VIP WEEK to teach you how to launch your programs and services online with ease.

The Strategy. The Tools. The Tech. The Execution.

Get everything you need to take your programs and services from the Idea to Successfully Launched online.

This is the program I wished I could have taken.

This is the program that will save you hundreds of hours teaching yourself and finding the answers you need to succeed.

This is the program that will take the headache out of a launch for good!

Who's ready to claim it?

This program was so amazing!! Thank you for sharing your expertise - Melissa

This program was so amazing!! Thank you for sharing your expertise - Melissa

This program was so amazing!! Thank you for sharing your expertise - Melissa

Here is what you will get...

  • The Launched Success Kit including a launch strategy blueprint, four (4) checklists, two (2) resource guides, (3) three landing page lay-out's, five (5) how to cheat sheets.
  • 5 live Modules where we will cover the Strategy behind a launch; the tools and tech to use and how to set it up ( we dive into Instagram, Linktree, Facebook, Eventbrite, Zoom, Canva and Kajabi), the Execution so you know how to put it all together and launch with ease
  • 30-day Free trial for Kajabi
  • A live Q&A
  • One week of Group Voxer support to help you each day with implementation
  • Lifetime access to the replays


Imagine what your business would be like if Technology supported you?


Next live Training is happening February 2022

Module 1: The Strategy

In this module you'll learn the steps of successfully launching your programs and services online with ease. I'm teaching you the blueprint to my (now) 5 figure launches. Plus you get a checklist so you'll always know what to do. Bye bye questioning...

Module 2: The Tools 

Having the right and simple tools in place to support you is vital. I'll be covering my favourite ones which are: Canva, Instagram, Linktree, Facebook, Zoom, Eventbrite and Kajabi. You also get a resource guide with links and additional resources for ANY Budget!

Module 3: The Tech Part 1 

In this Module you will learn how to launch your programs and services with tech that will cost you between zero - $ 50 per month. Starting a business comes with costs, but there is a way to set yourself up that's affordable and simple! We also cover how to create graphics in Canva and you get a resource guide for sizing images and how to guides for Zoom, Facebook Groups, Instagram and Eventbrite. 

Module 4: The Tech Part 2

This is the module that I get rather excited about...LOL. I do have a bit of a crush on Kajabi. But in this module I will teach you how to use Kajabi to launch your programs and services. We will cover how to : Set up a simple landing page to opt-in to free workshops or freebies to grow your list, build a sales page and the back-end of a program, setup email automation and put your business on autopilot. Yippeah. You get checklists for it all, don't you worry!

PS: You can apply this knowledge to other platforms. 

Module 5: The Execution 

May the Games begin! In this last Module we are going to dive into putting all the pieces together. You will get a Launch checklist as part of the Success Kit that's designed to help you get everything ready in an order that makes follow through easy! 

Q&A Date tbd

Once you have digested all this information and got started, questions may come up! This live Q&A is all about getting your questions answered!



Investment: $ 888

PRE SALE $ 333 

When? February 2022

What? 5 x live training sessions ++

Where? Inside a private Facebook Group!

Replays? Lifetime access

Bonuses: 5 days of Voxer Group Messaging to get your program ready to be launched in just one week

PS: You can now also purchase the Launched Success Kit on it's own!




I designed this VIP Day with YOU in mind.

Learn the strategy, the tools, the tech and the execution to successfully launch your programs and services online.

Getting started has never been easier!


Client Love


Theresa, it was amazing!! So much valuable information and you have the ability to share it in an easy to understand manner. It was literally beyond what I thought it would be. Thank you for sharing your expertise and for saving us hours and hours of fumbling around and spending money needlessly.

Melissa Birss

I am so excited and grateful to be working with Theresa! She has helped me remove blocks that were keeping me stuck in place. I have such clarity and reinvigorated hope that I can have a successful business. More importantly, the process I learned from her was so easy and simple, so many doors have opened up for me. I haven't had FUN in my business in quite some time. Thank you, Thank you Theresa.

Kari Millett


The thought of learning how to launch your programs and services online, let alone using the tech can be causing major overwhelm.


There is a way to do it, that is simple. 

There is a way to do it, that makes sense.

There is a way to do it that feels so darn supportive, that you get to be enjoying yourself, having fun, creating and experiencing pleasure all while your tech setup is doing the work for you! And NO it's not a complicated's SIMPLE!

The hardest thing about learning it all to be honest, was the scattered information. Having to do multiple trainings to get the answers I was looking for. Spending more than $10,000 and over a hundred hours teaching myself, researching, watching you tube Videos... Yes, it was as frustrating as it sounds!

But it stops now. It stops today!

Let's give you Everything you need for a successful launch+ implement it together! Ready?



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