Take your Coaching Program from Idea to successfully launched in 10-days.

Take your Coaching Program from Idea to successfully launched in 10-days.

Are you ready to launch your coaching programs and services with strategic ease?

Let me guess...

The thought of launching your next program or course is enough to prevent you from actually doing it!


Because launches often feel hard, unknown, and energetically draining.To launch a program requires a lot of Energy, and since we never know what the outcome is going to be each launch also requires,


The #1 thing I learned in the last 12 months launching my Coaching programs which has helped me scale my business to six figures is this...

Your Launch Strategy doesn't only have to CONVERT. It also needs to be SUSTAINABLE so that you don't burnout!

Truth is...

Launches aren’t meant to be this Energy draining, all consuming thing you do! 🀷🏼‍♀️

Launches get to be FUN.
Launches get to be EXPANSIVE.
Launches get to be a VIBE.

All you truly need are the right tools, strategies, and support in place so that you can stay focused on what matters most - growing your business while having FUN.

And that's exactly why I created this 10-day program for coaches and service based entrepreneurs like yourself.

I'll show you how to get clear on what you want (and don't want), create a plan of action, set up tools + systems for success and build momentum before the launch date...

All while having fun along the way!

This is not about working harder or longer hours; it's about working smarter with intentionality around what needs to happen when so that everything else falls into place without any stress or overwhelm.

That means less time spent worrying about things going wrong and more time enjoying every step of the journey towards launching successfully!

So if you're ready to take back control over your business growth by learning how to launch with ease then this is your sign to make a move!



Emily is a Empowerment & Human Design Coach who helps women to stand in their power, worth and take inspired and intentional action that's in alignment with their Human Design. She launched her Business and a Group Coaching program during Launched and welcomed 4 x clients into her first Group Program and 1 x client into her 1:1 Coaching Offer! Celebrating you. Follow her journey on IG @emilyhullcoaching


"This program was so amazing!! Thank you for sharing your expertise. I keep coming back to this training over and over: It's my go to resource" - Melissa

Here is what you will get...

  • The Launched Success Kit includes my full launch strategy blueprint, one (1) launch content guide with examples,  four (4) checklists, two (2) resource guides, (2) two landing page lay-out's, seven (7) how to cheat sheets.
  • 10 Training Sessions. 6x live via zoom plus 4 pre-recorded Trainings where we will cover the Strategy, the tools and tech to use and how to set it up plus the execution so you know how to put it all together and launch with ease.
  • 30-day Free trial for Kajabi
  • The Make Launches a VIBE™ checklist (immediate access)
  • 6x Q&A sessions after each of the live zoom training calls
  • Private FB Group for peer support + lifetime access to the LAUNCHED program
  • SECRET BONUS: You get immediate access after purchase to a juicy Masterclass  

Get EVERYTHING you need to launch successfully!

This is the program that will save you hundreds of hours teaching yourself or googling for answers! This is the program that will take the headache out of launching your programs and services for good!

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3 x $444


Take it to the next level and receive the following Bonuses valued at $1,555

4-weeks of Group Voxer Coaching during and post the live program

+ A private 2-hr Group Coaching Call to receive personalized support + hot seat Coaching for your program launch




Week 1: The Strategy 

Day 1: Welcome Call

An introduction to Launched

Day 2: The Vibe™ Launch Method

The Strategy to launch with EASE + FUN

Day 3: The 3 Phases of a Launch

Understanding each Phase so you know what to do and when.

Day 4: The Launch Content Plan

The Content Strategy to support your Launch

Day 5: Branding for your Offers 

The Visual signature of your offer

Week 2: The Behind the Scenes of Launches. 

Day 6: The Tools 

An overview of free + paid tools to support your launches

Day 7:  Sales and Landing Pages for your Offers 

How to use and lay-out Sales and Landing Pages to help you sell offers while you sleep.

Day 8: Tech Part 1

How to use and setup Tech under $50  

(FB Groups, Zoom, Eventbrite, You Tube, Canva)

Day 9: Tech Part 2

How to use and setup Tech over $50 (Kajabi)

Day 10: The Launch Experience

How to set yourself up to execute your online Launch successfully.

No more feast or famine ChaCha gorgeous!




Let's hit the easy button...

Let's hit the easy button...

As entrepreneurs it can be easy to overtax our nervous systems, so our strategy we use to build and scale our businesses and sell our offers needs to support us NOT add more stress. 

Inside LAUNCHED you'll lean everything you need to launch in a way that is...

πŸ‘‰ FUN


Client Love


Launched was everything I was looking for and more on how to simply and effectively launch programs. Theresa keeps things simple and easy to understand, while also providing insanely valuable content. This is easily one of the best trainings I have ever been apart of of. I am absolutely blown away by the value that gets delivered in Launched. I am so happy that I was apart of this and I have left feeling confident and ready to launch anything at any time. I cannot talk highly enough of Theresa and how she delivers. Launched and Theresa significantly exceeded my expectations and I already knew that she was amazing! I, 1 million percent recommend, this to anyone thinking of launching anything small or large. Launched will change everything for you.

Amelia Lehmann

Theresa, it was amazing!! So much valuable information and you have the ability to share it in an easy to understand manner. It was literally beyond what I thought it would be. Thank you for sharing your expertise and for saving us hours and hours of fumbling around and spending money needlessly.

Melissa Birss

I am so excited and grateful to be working with Theresa! She has helped me remove blocks that were keeping me stuck in place. I have such clarity and reinvigorated hope that I can have a successful business. More importantly, the process I learned from her was so easy and simple, so many doors have opened up for me. I haven't had FUN in my business in quite some time. Thank you, Thank you Theresa.

Kari Millett

Join the VIP List




3 x $444


Take it to the next level and receive the following Bonuses valued at $1,555

4-weeks of Group Voxer Coaching during and post the live program

+ A private 2-hr Group Coaching Call to receive personalized support + hot seat Coaching for your program launch 


The thought of learning how to launch your programs and services online, let alone using the tech can be causing major overwhelm.


There is a way to do it, that is simple. 

There is a way to do it, that makes sense.

There is a way to do it that feels so darn supportive, that you get to be enjoying yourself, having fun, creating and experiencing pleasure all while your tech setup is doing the work for you! And NO it's not a complicated's SIMPLE!

The hardest thing about learning it all to be honest, was the scattered information. Having to do multiple trainings to get the answers I was looking for. Spending more than $10,000 and over a hundred hours teaching myself, researching, watching you tube Videos... Yes, it was as frustrating as it sounds!

But it stops now. It stops today!

 When you have a launch strategy and process that's not only easy to execute but also SUSTAINABLE you are able to create more momentum in your biz leading to...

More Impact.

More Sales.

More Money,

Let's give you Everything you need for a successful launch and implement it together! Ready?

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