CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Sarah Freeman, Founder Sarah Freeman Coaching

Sarah Freeman is a passionate endurance athlete, podcast host, step-mum, wife, and a brave, badass, big-hearted woman. Her mission is to guide women endurance athletes and step-mums to embody their next-level confidence through her coaching, podcasting, and speaking. When women endurance athletes and step-mums start to embody confidence, that's when anything is possible!

What inspired you to start your own business?
To have the flexibility and freedom in my life to create my business on my terms. Empower other women in the world to dive into their dreams, and put them into action. Have a brave, confident voice for women endurance athletes, and step-mums.
In your own words, what do you do?
I coach women who are ready to elevate their confidence, specifically women endurance athletes and step-mums to dive into their next level of confidence and beyond.
What does success mean to you?
Freedom, and seeing other women succeed.
What is the ultimate dream for your business? And what is the current goal you are super excited to work towards?
To be booking speaking engagements through out the year, being known for confidence coaching for women endurance athletes and step-mums.
What is the biggest thing you've learned through entrepreneurship?
That you will fail, and it is OK to fail as that is where you learn and grow! Comparing yourself to another coach or speaker is not helpful as EVERY coach and speaker has such different gifts, and there is room for all of us. Lift each other up instead of comparing each other.
What is one thing that you learned during our time working together that has stuck with you, and why?
That launching does not need to be hard! I was coached around a much more fun process that helped launching a new program feel exciting!
What’s your favorite social network to use for business, and why?
IG, easy to use, supportive community, options to do reels posts and stories, love the music options!!!! 
What's something new in your world that you are super excited to share?I am speaking at my first ever summit at the end of August, my topic is The Confident Step-mum! The summit is called, The Stepmom Summit. 
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