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A Certified Transformational Coach, Leadership Strategist and Entrepreneur 


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I coach ambitious and driven individuals like you on how to smash the cycle of overwhelm and busyness so you can re-establish balance and move towards what truly matters.

Having the right Mindset matters now, more than ever!

As someone who has been on the front lines of the hospitality industry for nearly 20 years and acted as a General Manager of a luxury hotel for the past 6, I know the story of overwhelm and burnout isn’t an isolated one. 

The stress from staff shortages, the pressure to perform and meet financial targets, the scathing reviews on public comment sites — hospitality & tourism is the industry that never sleeps. And now we’re following suit…

It took me a long time to realize that you’ve got to show up in the right state of body and mind to do your best work. But while most of us know what to do we don't always do what we know. And so the cycle of overwhelm, exhaustion and stress begins." ~ Theresa Lambert


After being my own test subject, I set out on a journey to learn how I could help busy and ambitious humans like you rise to your potential without working yourself into the ground.

Over the past 3 years I have been studying with the Health Coach Institute completing their Holistic MBA Program to receive my Mastery Coach certification in Transformational Coaching and am currently continuing my Coach Education with the International Coach Academy to achieve my internationally recognized ACC designation. As a member of ICF I believe in working with the highest ethical and professional standards to create lasting change for my clients.

Leading and building high-performance teams over the past decade, I also realized that Change Management, Innovation and Creative Problem Solving is essential in todays Marketplace. To help teams strenghten this innovation and change muscle I studied "Simplexity Thinking" with Basadur Applied Innovation and Change Management with the Acuity Institute. 


Professional Bio

Theresa Lambert is the CEO of Theresa Lambert Coaching & Consulting Inc., a coaching and consulting firm specializing in helping leaders and organizations accelerate growth.

Drawing from her nearly 20 years of experience in the hospitality Industry and most recently her 6 year tenure as the General Manager of Nita Lake Lodge she brings both a real world view and proven applicable tools to support her clients. Theresa has been recognized as a business leader in Whistler’s Profiles of Excellence, featured in Hotelier Magazine and Beyourown, and spoken at Women in Hospitality Leadership events, including Empower Her. She coaches ambitious and driven woman on how to smash the cycle of overwhelm and re-establish balance; teaching them that success truly can coexist with peace, close relationships, hobbies, wellness, and all the other building blocks that drive a satisfying and fulfilling life!

As the creator and facilitator of her signature online program and course “Lost to Purpose,” Theresa teaches you her unique SAILOR method so you can learn how to create purpose that fuels your passion, lead from a place of calm and positivity, and live a well-balanced live that fulfills you on all levels while achieving impactful results.


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