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TULUM Business + Mindset Retreat

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Hi I'm Theresa

I am a Business Strategist, Mentor + CEO

I launch service base entrepreneurs + coaches like you into your next level, by creating an aligned, supportive and expansive BIZ STRATEGY that's backed with a UNIQUE SUCCESS PLAN THAT SCALES to multi 6-figures so you can make a bigger impact, grow your bank account AND have the FREEDOM TO PLAY. 

I’m here for Women who KNOW they are ready to create mind-blowing success while feeling RELAXED… you’re not here for the hustle culture.

You’re here for a LIFESTYLE and a BUSINESS that serves you...

A life that includes liberation, income + impact.

I am here for bosses who are highly driven AND desire ultimate freedom…

I am here for the entrepreneur who is willing to give up everything they thought they knew about their business and who is ready to rewrite the narrative, together.

I am here for leaders who are ready to create + implement an aligned strategy and unique success plan to get them to their next level. 

I am here for badass Coaches who are on the EDGE of something big - Something they know will change the trajectory of their life.

But…. they are at the point in their business where they have two choices - Stay the same, or get support from an expert to help them scale their business and their LIFE.

Because, you aren’t here for a small business or a small life…. 

If that is you then I am here for YOU.

T, xoxo


Theresa is an incredible business coach.  She is the whole package, not just coming equipped to guide you with simple and effective business strategies and tools that actually make a huge impact.  Theresa also guides and holds so much space for her clients in energetics, mindset and the fact that life in all of its duality gets to exist alongside our businesses.  She is THE spiritual business coach.  I have learned so much from her and with her guidance my business has grown, and grown in a way that feels so good to me.  The growth is sustainable, achievable and enjoyable.  Theresa will teach you how you get to have it all, a big beautiful life, a thriving business and a calm nervous system.
Amelia Lehman - Human Design, Energetic Alignment Coach, and Reiki Practitioner

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1:1 Coaching


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