CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Marie-Pier Dionne, Founder of Love & Lemons Life Essentials

Meet Marie-Pier Dionne. She's an aromatherapist, entrepreneur and the founder of Love & Lemons Life Essentials. Marie's passion is to help others live the lives they love, with all their health and happiness!

Originally from Rimouski, Québec. She found her second home in the mountains of British Columbia 16 years ago when she moved to Whistler and later Squamish. Currently, Marie is based out of Castlegar, BC, where she spends her free time in the mountains. She's also passionate about children, art, design, and all the little excitements of life. 
What inspired you to start your own business?
I am an entrepreneur at heart! I also passionate about aromatherapy and wellness
In your own words, what do you do? 
Canadian, sustainable wellness brand that offers high-quality essential oil products and aromatherapy services. I swear by the power of plants to support our overall well-being and believe we should take good care of Mother Nature in return. I empower others to live a healthy and sustainable life using the beautiful resources that surround us. Sharing my passion for wellness and continuing to grow my knowledge excite me.
What does success mean to you? 
My desire to succeed kept me going. I never lost faith and learned that seeking help wasn’t a weakness but a sign of strength. Fear is an illusion. If we don’t believe in our ability to create amazing things and trust that life leads us in the right direction, we will never accomplish our goals.
What is the biggest thing you've learned through entrepreneurship? 

With love and patience, everything is possible! We all have the ability to create magic. Find and do the things that set your soul on fire. Never give up on your dreams and talent. Be kind to yourself and let go of others’ judgment. You are not alone, and you will find your people. 

Life is filled with challenges, yet they will make you stronger than you ever imagined. Embrace your failures and trust the process. Your biggest struggles will become your biggest strengths. Fill your heart with hope and keep rising!

What is one thing that you learned during our time working together that has stuck with you, and why? 
Learning to stop and take time off. 
What’s your favorite social network to use for business, and why? 
I do have a love hate relationship with social media. I’d say my favourite one is IG simply because there is so many stories, easy to navigate and the creativity is so inspiring. It is a beautiful platform with so much to offer. 
What's something new in your world that you are super excited to share? 
I am planning to open a Love & Lemons/ Aesha Botanic front store. Big dream, big goal, but I am hoping to be able to start the process in 2022. I am also planning to take my herbalist course and start creating Aesha Botanicals Skin/bodycare line for her and for him. In the meantime, to inspire you I have an amazing workshop coming up to share the basics of using essential oils. Find out more here: Join the March Workshop
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