CLIENT SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Meet Julie Pecarski, Creator and Owner of Julie Pecarski Nutrition and reBalance By Julie

Meet Julie Pecarski, the creator and owner of Julie Pecarski Nutrition and reBalance By Julie, where she offers weight loss coaching and accountability programs for high performing women who want to break free from restrictive diets, restore metabolism and build a body they love. She is also a registered holistic nutritionist where she has helped ambitious women rethink weight loss with her signature approach to coaching that has women ditching the dieting mentality by increasing calories instead of restricting them.

What inspired you to start your own business?
After almost 20 years in the corporate world, at the age of 40, I decided that I wanted to create a life of my own design. Ultimately, I want to work when I want, where I want :-)
In your own words, what do you do? 
I help women lose weight, reclaim their energy & break free from the restrictive dieting approach. I blow their minds when I show them that they can actually lose weight without giving up everything and actually increasing their calories.
What does success mean to you? 
Designing a life on your own terms and not based on the status quo.
What is the ultimate dream for your business? And what is the current goal you are super excited to work towards?
I think the dream is ever-changing as I hit different milestones but for now, it's too actually teach other nutritionists this same approach. My current goal is to travel WHILE making money through my business.
What is the biggest thing you've learned through entrepreneurship? 

It can actually be quite lonely. As I worked most of my career in operations, I was constantly around people. I love connecting with people so when you're working remotely, I have to make a more conscious effort to connect. ALSO, surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs help. I also think investing in your business is key which is why I've worked with Theresa on multiple occasions.

What is one thing that you learned during our time working together that has stuck with you, and why? 
STRATEGY!!! Literally, having a plan is key even if that plan has to change. Also, being aligned and excited about those strategies and goals. If not, ditch them!
What’s your favorite social network to use for business, and why? 
Instagram! I'm a creative and it offers a variety of ways to convey my message.
What's something new in your world that you are super excited to share? 
That I sold my home and traded my corporate job for travel in 2022! And I am also super excited about re-launching my signature programs and creating some NEW ones as I embark on my travels and being a full-time entrepreneur.
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