Tulum Business + Mindset Retreat

Join us for an Immersive and expansive Retreat in one of the most beautiful and activated destinations in the world, Tulum, Mexico.

Over the course of 5-nights and 4 days we will take you on a journey deep within yourself. We will work on the strategic elements of your business to create a next-level success plan for 2024, alongside the identity and mindset work required for you to fully embody the version of yourself that manifests the life & business of your dreams on autopilot...

This is the retreat where leaders come to elevate both their business strategy and align it with a mindset to become UNSTOPPABLE! 

Over the course of 5-nights and 4 days, you will be provide with the tools, knowledge, and support to transform your business so you can grow with strategic ease and a year-long plan that keeps you focused and takes your goals from desires to reality. 

Come and be guided by TWO experienced mentors, Milli Fox + Theresa Lambert, who will help you to connect all the strategic dots and make sure you walk away after this retreat with a plan DONE, so you can seize the opportunities that await in 2024 and beyond.

But we won't stop there.

At the end of the retreat you will walk away with:

Strategic Clarity: Transform from uncertainty to having a rock-solid strategy and plan READY TO GO for business growth in 2024.

Actionable Blueprint: Walk away with key elements DONE, complete with a comprehensive success map to implement immediately.

Information Overwhelm Released: Say goodbye to overwhelm, as you learn to surrender and receive the accountability and support needed to take decisive action.

Confidence Boost: Shed the worry of not knowing enough and the pressure to do more, by stepping into your most resourced identity so you can access your true potential with unwavering self-assurance as a CEO.

Holiday Ease: Lean back into the holidays with peace of mind, knowing you are fully prepared for 2024. Maximize on holiday sales or simply enjoy quality time with family while others scramble to create their plan for the new year.

Rooted Authenticity: Embrace a newfound sense of self, through targeted identity work being rooted and confident in who you are while making aligned moves toward manifesting your vision.

Focused Visionary: Stay on track with a strategy that anchors and guides your actions, empowering you to turn your dreams into reality in 2024 and beyond


We understand that to make success inevitable, we have to begin from within.


That's why our retreat is designed to address the root of self-doubt and empower you to shed the limiting beliefs that have hindered your progress.

Through targeted mindset and identity work, you'll emerge as the next-level entrepreneur and woman you've always envisioned‚ÄĒone who achieves serious results with unshakable confidence.

As the sun rises over the breathtaking Mayan Jungle of Tulum, you'll feel a sense of renewal and purpose, ready to embrace the transformation that awaits you. Our intimate group setting ensures personalized attention and a supportive environment where you can share experiences, learn from others, and grow together.

This retreat is exclusively curated for online entrepreneurs like you, who are passionate about their vision and eager to embrace a new level of success.



Are you an online entrepreneur who's tired of navigating your business flying by the seat of your pants and is now determined to take it to the next level with a well-crafted, year-long strategic business strategy?

Are you an online entrepreneur who's tired of navigating your business flying by the seat of your pants and is now determined to take it to the next level with a well-crafted, year-long strategic business strategy?

Are you an online entrepreneur who's tired of navigating your business flying by the seat of your pants and is now determined to take it to the next level with a well-crafted, year-long strategic business strategy?

Perhaps you've gathered pieces of the strategy puzzle, but haven't quite figured out how to fit them together in a way that aligns with your unique business needs.

Deep down, you know you're capable of achieving your next level in business, but self-doubt and that notorious ‚Äúwobble‚ÄĚ have been holding you back.

If this resonates with you, then the Business and Mindset Retreat in Tulum, Mexico, is for YOU!




Once we arrive at the airport before 4pm (check flights), a scheduled airport transfer will take us to our dream stay for our  Business + Mindset Retreat at a stunning Penthouse with. dreamy roof top terrace in Tulum, Mexico. WIth 3 bedrooms, a stunning pools and sunset views to drool over this Luxury Villa is just kilometres from the Caribbean Sea.

This penthouse is the perfect oasis to immerse ourselves while we work on your entire 2024 business plan, and identity to match. 


November 16-21, 2023 /5 -nights, 4-days

5 nights accommodation at a stunning private Tulum Penthouse in a trendy area immersed in the Mayan Jungle in Tulum, Mexico

3 healthy and delicious meals per day,prepared by a private Chef all diets can be accommodated

Expansive Activities such as Breathwork, Meditation/Yoga Classes, Cenote Experience, Beach days and more 

Business Workshop(s) to get your 2023 Strategy and Plan DONE

Mindset Sessions to expand your identity and belief in your own capacity to open the path to wild success and abundance 

Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions to personalize the support and have you leaving with everything you need to succeed. You will receive a private 30-min coaching session with both Milli + Theresa

6 figure Biz Audit. In preparation for the retreat, you will receive some pre-work to prep for our time together.  In addition, Theresa will complete a 6-figure biz audit before you even join us in Tulum and set up a private 2-hour intensive. This will ensure we know where you are at and have your biz model foundation set, so we can support you in the most powerful way to get your plan done and set you up for success.

30-days of Slack Channel Mastermind post Retreat with Milli + Theresa to ensure you can integrate your plan fully and have access to mentorship to have questions answered 4-days a week (Mo-Th)

Sunset Cocktails at a stunning venue in Tulum followed by a dinner with feed in the sand.

Return airport transfers included (Some conditions apply)

NOTE: This is an immersive retreat that is focused around getting you into a state of body and mind to focus on creating your next level success plan for your business. There will be space and time to enjoy Tulum and the surrounding areas, however we highly recommend booking some extra days after the retreat to explore Tulum, enjoy the beach and integrate the work you've done before returning home. In the event that you are not able to travel to Tulum, we will refund you 50% of the total price up until October 15th at which point the booking becomes non-refundable. The remaining 50% you paid can be used as a Credit towards a future retreat or coaching with Theresa and Milli.


Private Rooms $3,997 (1x remaining)

Shared Room with full bathroom: $2,497 (2 double beds / 2 x remaining)

*Note: Payment plans can be arranged for individuals who express interest by direct messaging either Milli @millifox or Theresa @theresalambertcoaching

We can't wait to meet you in Tulum!

Our Vision for this retreat is to have you leave with everything you need to succeed in 2024 DONE! 

We want you to walk away being able to lean back and be in complete flow as you execute the strategies and plan.

No more overthinking or procrastinating.

The below Itinerary will show you exactly what we dive into each day so that you will leave this immersive retreat with things DONE and the mindset of the woman and entrepreneur that makes it happen.



You will receive a questionnaire to complete which allows us to put our eyes on your Biz and complete a full Six figure Audit of where you are at. This will help us to get on the same page and get to know you and your biz before you even come to Tulum.

After this, you will book your private 2-hour session with Theresa. In this intensive Theresa will help you create a supportive + Scaleable Foundation so you can scale your BIz with ease. We will dive deep into refining your business model, ensuring its scalability for future growth and craft a strategic framework that aligns with your vision, covering critical topics like target audience identification, value proposition clarity, and program structuring. We'll work together to define your key offers, their purpose, the client paths and make sure you are backing it with a Framework (the methodology or proprietary process) that sets your services apart. Leave this session empowered to take your business to new heights with a supportive and scalable foundation.

After the intensive you will receive a document outlining your biz foundations and a list of actionables with some additional pre-work and access to programs we feel may be beneficial prior to the retreat. 

Day 1: Thursday, November 16 

3:00pm: Group Pick up at Cancun Airport for a transport to Tulum*

6.00pm: Arrival at the Penthouse, time to refresh + relax 

Welcome Dinner at 8 pm 

Day 2: Friday, November 17

7:30 am: Breakfast  

9:00 am - Yoga (45 mins) 

10:30 am - 1:00 pm: Identity + Values Session

In this co-facilitated session Milli + Theresa will help you get very clear on WHO YOU ARE and WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU. This is the most fundamental place to begin with any goal setting or any manifestations whatsoever. Our identity and values are fundamental to our alignment and aligning with them wildly enhances our creative/attractive power. Milli will be leading you through her 3 Levels of Identity Framework as well as a values assessment exercise to get crystal clear about the foundation that we are building your dream life on! Rock solid baby! Followed by this activation, Theresa will guide you to align your Vision with how you desire to FEEL. This will allow you to reverse engineer your Strategic Plan in a way that feels expansive and in FLOW. 

1:00 pm  Lunch 


In this dreamy session by the beach, Milli is going to guide you through an incredible guided visualization to help you get clear on your BLISS and help tie it to your big Vision for your business and goals for 2024. Bridging the gap between your vision and personal fulfillment begins when we align your goals with how you desire to feel. This guided session will help you to set the stage to strategically manifest your next level in business and leave you feeling super connected to your soul purpose. 

5 pm: 1 hour free to enjoy the beach and swim in the ocean

6:30 pm:  Casual Dinner Out


Day 3: Saturday, November 18  

7:30 am Open Morning and Breakfast 

10:00 am - 1:00 pm - Storybrand for your main offer 

When it comes to business, having the right message is absolutely crucial to having your ideal client resonate with what you are saying. Using the Storybrand Framework, Milli will help you invite your ideal client into a story with you that places THEM at the center of the narrative. We will be getting clear on your ideal client, their journey and how you fit into their hero’s journey as the guide with a plan so that you can craft an irresistible way to invite your client into your offers. 

1:00 pm: Lunch 

2:00pm - 5:00pm: Aligned Business Strategy Session for 2024

In this working session we will begin to create an aligned business strategy for the upcoming year. This session delves into the heart of your business, addressing financial and profit objectives while meticulously mapping out offers, client journeys, and launch strategies. Our collaborative environment will empower you to lay the groundwork for a successful 2024, ensuring clarity in goals before we put this wisdom into creating a rock solid plan for execution. Getting this crucial piece of planning DONE will set the stage for a prosperous and strategically sound start to the new year.

6:30 pm - Dinner at the Penthouse

8:30 pm - Night out in Tulum. Yes we are going to go DANCING!

Day 4: Sunday, November 19th 

Open Morning to chill and enjoy Breakfast at the Penthouse

10:00 am -12:00 pm:  30-min of 1:1 sessions with Milli + Theresa

12:30 pm: We leave for our Beach Day that begins with Lunch 

1:30 pm - 5:00 pm Masterminding + Quantum Time Release Session the beach and relaxation time

In this guided session Milli will be taking you deep into your subconscious to release the grip that negative emotions have on you. Milli will be using a time-line therapy technique to help you get to the root experiences behind the five major negative emotions- anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame- and drawing out your deepest learnings from your original experiences with these very human emotions. We will also be programming new and different experiences around these emotions and releasing major limiting beliefs. You will walk away from this session feeling lighter and more resourced to move as your  highest-level self. After this we will enjoy the beach and Mastermind for deeper integration around what came through for you.

Light Dinner at the Penthouse and an open evening 

Day 5: Monday, November 20

7:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am - 11:30 am: CEO Strategic Planning Session

This is where we take the insights and clarity from the past sessions and use it to craft a well-coordinated blueprint for the upcoming year so you walk away with a plan DONE. This session is designed to break down your business's core goals into quarters, while further detailing offers, client pathways, and launch strategies for each month.

As we navigate through the intricacies of each month, we'll align your goals with actionable plans, creating a roadmap that seamlessly integrates your business vision. By culminating this process, you'll possess a comprehensive strategy that ensures a strong, strategic start to the new year‚ÄĒequipped with the tools to transform your bis dreams into reality and real biz results.

11:45 am - 12:15 pm: Breathwork Session

12:30 pm: Lunch at the Villa

Afternoon Excursion to a gorgeous Cenote + Sunset Dinner Celebration Dinner

Day 7: Tuesday November 21: Departure Day

8:00 am Breakfast + Reflections 

9:00 am: Transportation to Cancun Airport*

*some restrictions apply, please see the Q&A section for more details 

This is an activation of your soul and inner CEO.

We can't wait to guide you and allow the magic of women gathering in an iconic and one of the most energetically charged locations in the world to activate all your resources and walk away knowing success is inevitable.

With love + excitement for all that awaits,

Milli + Theresa xoxo

Hi, I'm Milli Fox & for over ten years, I’ve coached hundreds of women to become the best versions of themselves...

Hi, I'm Milli Fox & for over ten years, I’ve coached hundreds of women to become the best versions of themselves...

Milli is a rockstar mama of two and manifestation expert. She believes that self-worth is our super-power and that the universe is designed to deliver. Milli is extremely passionate about helping women step into their power energetically and strategically. She uses a combination of Evolved NLP, Human Design and energetics to assist her clients in breaking through to their next level of potential. Milli believes that healed women will heal the world and urges all women to do the work so that we can live in a healed, happy and wealthy world. 

Client Love


"Milli brings unparalleled energy and knowledge to her students.  She is beyond passionate about the topic of Manifestation and is committed to getting her students to where they want to be. She not only teaches us the topics but helps us embody them too. If you're debating on signing up, this is your sign, jump in!" 


"I loved every minute! Thank you so much for creating this amazing webinar, you helped me find the inspiration I was looking for, it has been in me the whole time.¬†I'm my own¬† inspiration¬†‚̧ԳŹ Thanks again Milli ‚ėļÔłŹ"


"You make manifesting real but fun and the approach you take is relatable to life and being an entrepreneur. Every day I feel supported but also like you're ready to push me off the ledge because you see what I can't see yet in myself." 


Hey, I'm Theresa, a Business Strategist, Mentor, CEO and Creator. I've helped dozens of entrepreneurs scale their businesses and create a sustainable business model that works FOR them.

 Hey, I'm Theresa, a Business Strategist, Mentor, CEO and Creator. I've helped dozens of entrepreneurs scale their businesses and create a sustainable business model that works FOR them.

Theresa became an entrepreneur to live a full AF life aligned with her dream lifestyle of freedom, joy, and fulfillment. And if you are here, she knows that's what you desire too.You've built a successful business, but you crave more than being tied to your laptop. You had a vision of entrepreneurship that offered so much more and guess what you get to have it ALL!

Her absolute jam is to strategize with you and FOR entrepreneurs like you, to guide you in crafting irresistible offers, creating space for growth, scaling in complete flow and that feeling of satisfaction. You get to experience success that brings freedom and true fulfillment, stop settling for less. Come master your business and embrace the WHY behind your entrepreneurial journey.



What would I do without Theresa? She came into my world and I was blown away by her value. As a new entrepreneur, I was ready to hit the ground running and couldn’t seem to find a mentor or coach that was willing to match my energy and dive in headfirst to support me wholeheartedly. Until I met Theresa. She was ready, she was more than ready. She’s a strategic mentor, launching guru, levelheaded Buddha, and always inflow.

I was drawn to her free spirit and ease. She has an ease about her that is unmatched by anyone I’ve come across. Along with her ‘breath of fresh air’ energy comes her powerful punch of strategic knowledge and awareness.

Before I hired her, I was close to burnout. I even questioned if entrepreneurship was for me. After only two months of working with her as the strategic mastermind, my world changed. She’s the mentor, leader, and coach I needed. After working with her for only four months, I went from making $3000 sales months, to nearly $30,000 sales months.

If you’re wondering, do I need a strategy coach and mentor?

The answer is yes. You’ll learn how to work smarter, not harder. 

Working with Theresa feels like a refreshing tropical drink, mixed with a very hard and powerful rum punch. It will knock you off your feet in the best way possible.

Courtney Marchment - CPCC Business Coach

Pure magic comes from Theresa. She asks the perfect questions to expand your thinking and she also offers so much practical strategic value. 

So you finish with actual tangible work AND an expanded vision.

She’s the unique combination of strategy & soul. 


Thank you Theresa! 

Emily Hull - Human Design Coach

Joining the Strategic Mastermind changed EVERYTHING for me and the kind of support I received isn’t common. We all need coaches and if you have a business, then you need a business coach (there are no two ways about that) and Theresa is THE business coach.  She has done incredible things for her own business and for other people’s businesses and all the while with so much grace and poise navigating the sometimes trickiness of life.  She does it without compromising her own energy or asking you to compromise yours.
I am so grateful for her guidance, her grace and her beautiful & simple way of explaining strategies. I am so grateful for how much incredible guidance and space she holds for her clients as life happens as well as business happens.  Theresa is the reason that my business has expanded so much and I urge everyone who has or is building a 6-figure brand to work with her, it will change your life, your business and you all for the better.
This will forever be the most impactful business experience that is etched into my heart, my memory and the very fabric of my being.  Theresa is the game changer in business coaches.  The most sane and impactful thing you could do for your business is hire her, let her support you, do the work and watch you and your business thrive.

Amelia Lehman - Human Design, Energetic Alignment Coach, and Reiki Practitioner

I had never worked with a business coach before…. I was stuck in the belief that my business was a “side hustle”, “just a little job” and other limiting beliefs that I had picked up along the way. 
When I decided to work with Theresa I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I did have the desire the make my “little job” my livelihood. 
And that’s exactly what happened. 
With Theresa I learned to lean back into my masculine and use it as a powerful support to get sh*t done in my business. I had previously been stuck in wounded masculine, thinking that my “doing” defined my worth. From that place, I had then pivoted all the way to the other end of the spectrum, so far into my feminine that I was now stuck in fawn mode, passive and scared to make moves. 
Theresa helped me marry my masculine with my feminine. She showed me that a business gets to have both. The masculine to do the things and the feminine to add fun and rest. A beautiful balance of both worlds. 
Since working with Theresa I have added simple yet extremely effective tools like booking systems and online events… I’ve shifted from having “a little business” to owning my passions for embodied movement, Reiki and divorce coaching and now my business is making me an income. 
I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Theresa is gentle and understanding while also no nonsense and a wonderful guide. The mastermind experience gave me new business sisters to grow with, to calibrate to, to encourage and be encouraged by… 
Strategic mastermind and working with Theresa has been my favorite experience of 2022! Highly highly recommend. 11/10 satisfaction!

Audrey Alice - Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and Divorce Coach

The 10 day Mastermind experience with Theresa far exceeded my expectations! Theresa's ability to see exactly where your business needs some focus and attention is incredibly precise. She is warm and encouraging, but there is no fluff in the time together.  

You will leave this experience with so much clarity on your next steps to see your business vision become reality!

Mandy Leblanc





Airfare: We are not providing flights but please ensure to book your arrival in Cancun by 2:30 pm est on November 16th, 2023 so your transfer can promptly depart at 3pm est. 

Travel/Medical Insurance: Travel insurance can be booked through your provider of choice, we recommend Blue Cross online, or World Nomads

Alcoholic beverages: We may provide libations here and there, but there will not be an unlimited supply of alcoholic beverages as we are here to have clear minds :) 


In the event that you are not able to travel to Tulum, we will refund you 50% of the total price up until October 15th at which point the booking becomes non-refundable. The remaining 50% you paid can be used as a Credit towards a future retreat or coaching with Theresa and Milli.


Welcome to Bemb√© in the prestigious private neighbourhood of Tulum closest to the sea ‚ÄúAldea Zama‚ÄĚ. With 24-hour security and no nearby construction, the best location, 2 minutes away you will have a mega supermarket, renowned restaurants, shops, banks, ice cream parlors, bicycle rentals and the beaches of Tulum. Within Aldea Zama, you will also have shops, pharmacies, alternative restaurants, etc.
Aldea Zama in Tulum is the
residential area closest to the sea, 2 minutes away you will have the coastal area


The space

The penthouse is incredibly spacious and features three comfortably furnished bedrooms. The first bedroom is equipped with a spacious king-size bed, while the second and third bedrooms each have two double beds. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom, providing privacy and convenience for all guests. Additionally, there are also additional bathrooms in the common area for added convenience.

The property has a total of five full bathrooms, ensuring that there are no waits or inconveniences during your stay. You will also have access to a laundry room with a dryer and washer, so you can keep your clothes fresh throughout your stay.

The terrace is ideal for holding events. It is very large and has all the facilities, including a table with chairs and an area for cooking or for hiring a Barman service.

The property is entered with electric lock codes, keys are not used
And we have 24 hour security

To cool off and relax, you will have access to two communal pool on the first floor, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. But that's not all, on the rooftop, you will find a private pool where you can enjoy unforgettable moments while admiring the panoramic views of Tulum. The rooftop is completely private,.




There will be an airport transfer scheduled for just after 4 pm EST on November 16 to take you all from Cancun to Tulum. The drive is approx 1.5-2 hr depending on traffic. Please book your flight to arrive between 2pm - 3.30 pm (EST Cancun Time). If you are unable to arrive at this time, please contact us at [email protected] and we can book a private transfer on your behalf (if you cannot make the group transfer there will be an additional cost for the private transfer)¬†

We highly recommend that after the retreat, you add 2-5 nights in Tulum to enjoy the beach and allow yourself to exeperince this beautiful part of the world and celebrate having done a tremendous amount of work. If you can, book yourself into one of the hotels at the beach, some we recommend are IKAL,  CINCO (luxury glamping at the beach), AMANSALA or AHAU. There are also a lot of AIRBNB’s - we recommend staying in LaVeleta or Aldea Zama if you rent an apartment and you may want to rent a scooter to get around. If you’d like more details, DM Theresa on IG @theresalambertcoaching . 


We will also be scheduling an airport transfer for November 21st, leaving Tulum at 9 am to have you at the airport between 11 am/ 12 pm. Please book your flight home to leave between 2-4 pm EST! Again if you are unable to get a flight leaving at this time and need alternate transfer email us and we can help make arrangements on your behalf at an additional cost.


IMPORTANT: As soon as you have your flight booked, please email us the details to [email protected]. We will also follow up with you a month prior to the retreat to reconfirm the details.¬†


The group transfers from and to Cancun airport are included. Private transfers outside these times are not.


You are heading to a tropical destination and can expect average daily temperatures of 80-83¬įF (26-28¬įC) while visiting Tulum in November. When the sun goes down, the temperatures in Tulum drop, but not by much. Nighttime temperatures in Tulum average about 72-80¬įF (22-26¬įC), the humidity also usually isn't as bad as in the day. We recommend bringing flowy sundresses, shorts, tank tops, workout clothes (we will be doing some yoga), beach + pool wear, a nice outfit for a final night out and bring anything you need to feel grounded (crystals, oracle cards etc). Of course, bring your laptop, journal and a camera!¬†

We will be spending a lot of time in workshop style sessions, most of them will be hosted on a gorgeous terrace outside, we want you to be comfortable and relaxed. If you like wearing your bikini all day of course you can!


We want you to have the best possible experience on this retreat and leave with the planning and business strategy for 2024 DONE! In order to accomplish this, you will receive communication with some pre-work that we ask you to complete. We will be in touch 30-days prior to the retreat to give you plenty of time to complete additional questionnaires as well as the pre-work so you are ready for the sessions in Tulum. This is an intimate group setting with a max of 10 attendees so get ready for a deep dive and full activation in the Mayan Jungle. 

Again, if you have ANY questions, contact us at [email protected] and we will support you.

Take the leap and join us for the Business and Mindset Retreat, where strategic business planning and empowering mindset shifts and identity work merge to unlock your full potential in one of the most energetically charged locations in the world, Tulum, Mexico.

Note: Limited spaces are available to ensure an intimate and impactful experience. Reserve your place now to avoid disappointment!


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