EP.071 | Ayurveda and Nervous System Optimization for Leaders with Azra Lodora

Season #2

In this episode of Diaries of a Six Figure Coach podcast, our host welcomes special guest Azra Ladora, a neuro coherence expert and holistic consultant. They discuss the close connection between our ability to grow and scale our businesses and our nervous system.

Tune in as they delve deep into the importance of balance and creating a fulfilling life, as well as the dangers of burnout. If you're an entrepreneur looking to optimize your body and nervous system for success, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in for insightful conversations and valuable advice from two leaders in their fields.  



Azra Lodora is a Neuro-Coherence™️ Expert, Holistic Consultant, Mentor Ayurveda | Nervous System & Body Optimisation for Leaders.  


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