1. Theresa treats Leaders like Leaders

    What I love about Theresa's coaching is how accurately and timely she reflects back to you your own story. The chance to see for yourself where you are stuck in your tracks or where you are spinning your wheels is the ultimate unlock. Theresa treats leaders like leaders. She allows you to show up as your full and true self, giving you the space to air everything that you need to air, in full confi…Read More

    Shona Mitchell Beats
  2. Theresa helped me build self-awareness

    I was at a stage in my career where I felt like I’d pushed myself to my max, but the role I was in no longer aligned with my goals and wasn’t bringing me true joy or satisfaction. Because I was focusing on the needs of others before my own, my health suffered, I’d put on weight and inevitably lost my self-confidence. Theresa showed me that putting myself first isn’t selfish at all and help…Read More

    Brenda Holben
  3. Theresa Ginter Has Opened My Eyes

    Theresa Ginter has opened my eyes to the importance of personal awareness. Awareness of myself, my actions, my behavior, my words, and the possibilities of how increased self-care, leading by example, and treating others as I’d like to be treated can open up new horizons of self-love,gratitude and greater confidence. My new journey is just beginning but already I realize that leading others begi…Read More

    Susan Bain
  4. Will change your life!

    I have had the honour of getting to know Theresa over the past six years working together in corporate hospitality, where we harnessed our spirits to serve others. It has been a privilege to travel our blossoming coaching journey together and to witness Theresa’s incredible passion and dedication to supporting people to uplevel their energy, and become more aligned with their purpose. Theresa ha…Read More

  5. Theresa Is a Great Listener

    Theresa is a great listener, her extensive career in leadership and personal story is just inspiring and brings a lot of value to her coaching and mentoring. I connected with Theresa on her Goal & Successful Planning workshop followed by 6 weekly coaching sessions. I benefited from the tips, tricks, stories and her personal experience on how to tackle a busy schedule, going after ambitious goa…Read More

    Bibiana Brantalova
  6. Do yourself a favour and reach out to Theresa just like I did.

    I've been working on launching a tech business over the last year and a month ago I found myself in a real funk. Productivity was super low and I found that I was overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do. Combine that with a fear of failure and I wasn't getting much done at all. Theresa helped me in realize my bigger issues and overcome them in easy, manageable steps. I'm now crushing the g…Read More

    Luke McDowall
  7. Fabulous!

    Theresa has such a beautiful energy about her. My session with her was fantastic. We were able to get deep into some of the issues that were causing problems for me. We discussed a lot of things going on in my life, giving me a few lightbulb moments. We also made a game plan for change...which was implemented promptly. I loved her interpretation and explanation of things. Seriously, if you are loo…Read More

    Danielle Maguire
  8. Coaching with Theresa

    Theresa, I can't thank you enough for the time we spent over the past few months. While there is still much work to do on the continued growth of my business I feel that the balance of personal and professional development has been invaluable to me as a small business owner. The way I view myself, my staff and my role in the business has changed so dramatically over the past months as we have work…Read More

    Roxanne Cave, Celebrate Events