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    What if you had...

    A step-by-step guide to move you from feeling stuck or lost in your life or career to finding your true Purpose, claiming your personal power and taking courageous action to move towards your most important goals.

    Full Disclosure, do you...

    • feel like playing out the same frustrating patterns and getting nowhere. No matter how hard you work, there’s no end to your to-do list in sight?
    • No matter how much you accomplish, it never feels like enough?
    • No matter how many times you tell yourself it’ll get easier, burnout is starting to creep up on you (remember weekends?).
    • You feel overwhelmed and question if your work is having any real impact or is worth the personal sacrifices you have been making?

    Feeling stuck in life or your career can leave you feeling distracted, unfocused, and unclear about what direction your life is heading.  

    I've worked with many high-achievers who feel unfulfilled by their work and the life they've built around it and more often than not their efforts to make things work have left them burned-out and exhausted.


    Trust me when I say this, you are not alone!


    A study released via The Telegraph found that 69% of people feel trapped in their routine and 40% are unhappy with their life in general. Personally those are pretty shocking numbers.


    You have a purpose!

    It’s not living burnt out, discouraged, and disappointed.

    Imagine what your life would look like if...

    ✨  understood where stress is rooted in your life and what causes you to feel out of alignment

    ✨ you had real clarity on your values, goals and vision and how they can help you gain traction

    ✨ you understood how your thoughts, actions and behaviours impact the outcomes you are getting

    ✨ you had the tools you needed to create a plan that supports your biggest vision while navigating road block and                 letting go of things that slow you down, hold you back or stop you from taking courageous action

    ✨ you felt empowered and in control of your life's direction and lived a life with purpose 

    ✨ you could finally let go of the addiction to external validation and instead wholeheartedly embrace that ...

              "I AM ENOUGH" 

    I am ready to get started!

    Who is this for?

    If you are READY to take charge of your choices and embrace who you truly are and stop making excuses then this is for YOU and will see incredible RESULTS that will TRANSFORM your life!

    Course Overview

    Teaching you my unique "SAILOR method" you will learn how to create purpose that fuels your passion, lead from a place of calm and positivity and finally have the energy and time you need to do things that really matter to you!

    Lesson # 1: Reset Your Compass

    Get a deeper sense of where you are at, clearly define what no longer serves you and understand where stress and imbalance is rooted in your life

    Lesson # 2: Set your Sails

    Create a powerful Vision with clear goals that are aligned with your values and the person you want to become, so you know your true north

    Lesson # 3: Become the Captain

    Take control of your vision by mapping out a plan to get you to achieve your goals and make choices that serve you

    Lesson # 4: Hire Your Crew

    Become crystal clear on who can support you and what you need to learn or let go off in order to achieve your goals. 

    Lesson # 5: Sail with the Wind in your Back

    Start to take empowered action every day. Learn to use your Vision and new found Insights as a tool to create the motivation and intention you need to courageously take action every day

    Lesson # 6 : Arrive on Treasure Island

    It's time to write your unique purpose statement and use it to fuel your lifestyle and celebrate how far you've come. This will become a guiding post for your new journey!

    "Theresa has given me real clarity. Before meeting I really was lost, with no idea of where I was going. Floating from day to day not knowing what I was doing with my life. After just 3 weeks in, I have real direction. I’m feeling excited about life. I once again have the passion to reach goals, and wake up every day excited for what’s to come."

    Gemma Elford
    Owner, Lash Love Whistler

    "I can't thank you enough for the time we spent over the past few months. While there is still much work to do on the continued growth of my business I feel that the balance of personal and professional development has been invaluable to me as a small business owner. The way I view myself, my staff and my role in the business has changed so dramatically over the past months as we have worked through this process. Thank you so much for your patience and wise words of advice - and for pushing me when I needed it."

    Owner and Event Planner, Celebrate Events

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    What's included:

    • Lifetime access to my signature online course "Lost to Purpose" ($197)
    • 12 x Live Workshops! Attend monthly live workshops via zoom and get access to replays of any past or new workshops on mindset, money, leadership, spirituality, career, health in the membership area. ($ 997)
    • 24 x Live Group Coaching Calls! We hold a monthly live group goal setting session to get you started and keep you on track with your goals as well as a monthly live group coaching session, held via zoom video conferencing ($2,397)
    • Private Members Community to connect with likeminded beings (priceless)
    • Bonus content within the course platform released through-out the year . You get access to exclusive training ($787)
    • A special Gift (released once you finish the Core Course) ($299)

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    Your growth and progress is my upmost priority. To make sure this program is the right fit for you, let's connect and chat about where you are, where you want to go and what's been slowing you down, holding you back or stopping you from waking up excited and crushing your goals!

    Who this is NOT for?

    If you are looking for a quick fix or bandaid solution and are not willing to try new things or put in any effort then this course is not for you. Creating any change in your life and taking charge of your life's direction, requires you to be willing to show up and take Action!

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