More often than not do you..

  • feel disconnected or unfulfilled by your work and the life you’ve built around it
  • always put yourself last on your priority list, cancel that yoga class or workout you promised yourself because something more important came up
  • feel distracted, unfocused, and unclear about what you want or what you’re doing with your live and work and maybe have even started to question if your work is having any real impact or is worth the personal sacrifices you have been making
  • have a lot of unhealthy habits that have created weight gain, lack of motivation, low energy, poor sleep, and other side effects that impact your performance at work (and in life)
  • find that decision fatigue has taken over and is now making you an ineffective and inconsistent leaders – perhaps you even lose your head in a crisis and struggle with creative problem-solving
  • do too much of the work you don’t want to do (and that’s the responsibility of others), so you feel overworked and exhausted all the time, and aren’t making progress on the work that actually matters
  • look like a poster child for success on the outside and are well respect and admired, but on the inside you feel like something is missing and you feel stuck or lost but are afraid to make changes to avoid loosing what you’ve worked so hard for
  • work harder than ever before but somehow, you seem to be finding yourself in the same place despite all your efforts


If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above, keep reading. I totally get how this feels like because I have been there myself. Despite seeing great success at a young age, becoming a GM of a Boutique Hotel at age 29 and being recognized as a business leader in my Industry my high-achiever self sabotaged me into thinking that the only way to get ahead and out of this stuck state is to work harder. My obsession with doing ultimately caused me to burnout which left me feeling empty, lost and unfulfilled by my work. My own pillar of success that I had worked so hard for to built was literally scrambling and so was everything else around me including my health, relationships and personal passions.


So imagine what life could look like if you found a way to…

  • take care of your health and wellness and protect your boundaries so you have more energy to devote to your work, increase productivity and feel  creative, inspired, motivated, happy and enthusiastic about your work
  • have more self-awareness and choose how to react to create the outcomes you truly want, enabling you to lead from a place of calm and positivity, even amidst a crisis.
  • fill your wells with hobbies, relationships, creative projects and pursuits outside of work, so you can live a well-balanced life that fulfills you on every level.
  • have more focus and create more impactful results because you are intentional about what you say yes to, build your priorities and goals around your values, and understand how to empower others to take the lead and stay accountable to their roles too.
  • Be an influential and impactful leader who is admired and respected because you are able to achieve more success with less stress and inspire others to follow your lead.
  • Wake up every day knowing exactly what to do, because you are driven by a purpose that gives your direction true meaning


Sounds like a fairy tale that is meant for someone else?


Well it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to lose a part of your identity (the high-achiever piece) that you are proud of, because in reality we can achieve much more when we protect our well-being and find fulfillment through alignment. Success truly can coexist with peace, close relationships, hobbies, wellness, and all of the others building blocks of a satisfying and fulfilling life, and you can get the results you want in a way that actually feels good and serves you.

I created the “Lost to Purpose” program because I see too many ambitious humans sacrificing their personal life and wellbeing in the name of success, only to find themselves struggling to make it through the day because they are overwhelmed and exhausted from all the busy work that gives them no true meaning. Our journeys should give us joy and meaning and fuel our energy not take it away from us, so if you are ready to make a change, start moving into the direction your truly want then I’d encourage you to stop blocking your own progress and say yes to stepping into your full potential.

I realize trusting a coach is an extraordinary investment. That’s why I offer two no-obligation options for you to learn more about me and what you can expect from your tailored course.



Discover your path with a free 30-minute VIP consultation so we can begin uncovering your aspirations, what’s getting in your way, and how to push through those obstacles and thrive. This no-obligation phone call is a personal way for us to learn more about each other and what the future holds. Schedule your 30-minute consultation to begin on your journey of personal growth today and get clarity if this course is right for you!


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Learn more about the course, preview some videos and take advantage of my Introductory offer + if you sign up before December 31st I am also gifting you an additional 60-minute 1-1 Coaching Session. This program is a combination of online self-paced learning combined with 1-1 support, a peer group, weekly Q&A’s for accountability and monthly workshops with incredible guest speakers.



It’s your time to rise and thrive, and “Lost to Purpose” is the perfect place to begin. This program will take you on a journey to identify your true passion and create purpose in all areas of your life so you can lead from a place of poise and positivity.


Before I forget, here is what’s included…

  • Lifetime access to the “Lost to Purpose” online course
  • 12-month access to a private Facebook group
  • Live Q&A calls weekly
  • Live coaching opportunities monthly
  • Monthly, live-streamed workshops in the Facebook group (with special guests)
  • One 90-minute, one-on-one coaching session
  • One free, 30-minute VIP session

BONUS – sign-up before December 31st and get a special prize + an additional 60-minute coaching session!




Teaching you my unique “SAILOR method” you will learn how to create purpose that fuels your passion, lead from a place of calm and positivity and live a well-balanced live that fulfills you on all levels and drives impactful results.


The Course at a Glance

Lesson # 1: Reset Your Compass – get a deeper sense of where you are at, clearly define what no longer serves you and understand where stress and imbalance is rooted in your life

Lesson # 2: Set your Sails – Create a powerful Vision with clear goals that are aligned with your values and the person you want to become, so you know your true north

Lesson # 3: Become the Captain – take control of your vision by mapping out a plan to get you to achieve your goals and make choices that serve you

Lesson # 4: Hire Your Crew – become crystal clear on who can support you and what you need to learn or let go off in order to achieve your goals. Define who’s coming on board and who you need to cut loose including potential toxic people or ways of life that no longer serve you

Lesson # 5: Sail with the Wind in your Back – Start to take empowered action every day. Learn to use your Vision and new found Insights as a tool to create the motivation and intention you need to courageously take action every day

Lesson # 6 : Arrive on Treasure Island – It’s time to write your unique purpose statement and use it to fuel your lifestyle and celebrate how far you’ve come.


Ready to get started?


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I created this unique course that combines online self paced learning with 1-1 support and connecting you with likeminded beings to be able to expand the reach and help support more high-achievers on their quest to find purpose and create the life they want doing the work they love while thriving in all areas of life.


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Regular prize $1497 – special prize until December 31st $ 997

Its your time to thrive professionally without sacrificing your personal wellbeing or staying stuck in a place that brings you no joy or fulfillment. Too many high-achieving professionals fall into the trap of believing that the only solution to exhaustion, apathy, and discouragement is working harder. If you’re feeling empty, worn, or lost, this course will guide you through profound improvements where it counts the most so you can flourish professionally and personally so don’t wait to sign up.


Let’s connect to get started! I am personally invested in making sure this program is right for you, so to get started schedule your 30-minute VIP Session.

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