A Customized coaching experience to assist you in redefining your success, returning to your elegance and living life in alignment with the new paradigm of success

You know something isn’t working…you’re inches away from your breaking point…but you can’t figure out what needs to change.

 You know something isn’t working…you’re inches away from your breaking point…but you can’t figure out what needs to change.


You’re ready to feel JOY in your success.

You’re ready to celebrate all that you are, all that you’ve done to get here.

You’re ready to stop talking about slowing down and actually do it.

You’re ready to feel like your whole self again.

I get it.

On my road to success, I lost so much of who I was, I couldn’t even remember why I had started in the first place.

What were my life goals again?

Was I just doing all of this to please everybody else?

What was driving me?

There were so many areas of my life that I felt disconnected from, that I couldn’t remember why I was ‘doing it all’ in the first place.

And much like you, I was literally, doing it ALL.

I’m willing to bet we’re a lot a like you and I...

You’re successful.

You’re most comfortable in a leadership role.

You’re always in control.

You do everything to fit in.

Your finger is always on the pulse.

You’re constantly putting the team/family/deadline before yourself…

And you’re exhausted.

You’re so tired of putting everything else before yourself…

You’re so tired of putting everything else before yourself…

Yet you can’t recognize yourself without all of the things that you think make you who you are.

The to do lists provide validation.

The goals provide a sense of achievement.

The more results you create, the better you feel about yourself.

The harder you work the more worthy you feel…

I’ve been here.

At the top of my career game with nothing to show for it but an aching heart and busy calendar. Oh, and a caffeine addiction that got me through the hard days.

Sound familiar?

I know it can feel hard to make a change in your life - especially when this is all you’ve known!

Striving and pushing, excelling and achieving…

They’re a way of life until you decide that there’s something else worth living for.

The grades,

The trophy,

The promotion,

The pat on the back,

The approval,

The admiration…

What if satisfaction and joy could come from WITHIN?

What if you could stop seeking the next opportunity and be (truly) happy right where you are?

What if your days could be UP TO YOU?

I know it sounds crazy…but I used to think the same thing, until I did it.

Until I redesigned my lifestyle.

Until I decided I wanted my joy back.

Until I reevaluated what was really important and started changing my focus. 

Are you ready to redefine success? Are you ready to live with joy first?

Are you ready to redefine success? Are you ready to live with joy first?

I can tell you first hand that life on the other side of the struggle is,







And dare I say, successful on a whole new level.


LEAD FROM WITHIN 1-1 Coaching Program

Investment: $2,933

12 x 1:1 sessions up to 60-min 

Customized coaching cadence over 3-6 months to assist you in redefining success and living life in alignment with the new paradigm of success.



  • Clear on your personal goals & desires
  • Focused on what you’re trying to create in your life
  • You will feel empowered in your own sense of self worth
  • You will be willing to walk your own path
  • A sense of internal validation and personal strength
  • More relaxed in your sense of Being
  • A sense of deep trust in the path you are on
  • The ability to make confident decisions based on your desires


Energized in your body, mind and spirit

Reconnected to your sense of purpose

Highly motivated to walk towards your big life goals

Grateful and able to celebrate yourself and all that you have in your life

Rooted and grounded in joy

Able to receive pleasure on all levels



We meet for 12 one-on-one Coaching sessions scheduled over 3-6 months


You get On-Demand Support via text/messenger in-between our sessions


I will provide you with additional Tools & Resources to support you on your journey



I was at a stage in my career where I felt like I’d pushed myself to my max, but the role I was in no longer aligned with my goals and wasn’t bringing me true joy or satisfaction. Because I was focusing on the needs of others before my own, my health suffered, I’d put on weight and inevitably lost my self-confidence. Theresa showed me that putting myself first isn’t selfish at all and helped me build self-awareness, so I understood how my habits and behaviors were influencing the outcomes I was getting.

Brenda Holben

I can't thank you enough for the time we spent over the past few months. While there is still much work to do on the continued growth of my business I feel that the balance of personal and professional development has been invaluable to me as a small business owner. The way I view myself, my staff and my role in the business has changed so dramatically over the past months as we have worked through this process. Thank you so much for your patience and wise words of advice - and for pushing me when I needed it.

Roxanne Cave

Theresa has such a beautiful energy about her. My session with her was fantastic. We were able to get deep into some of the issues that were causing problems for me. We discussed a lot of things going on in my life, giving me a few lightbulb moments. We also made a game plan for change...which was implemented promptly. I loved her interpretation and explanation of things. Seriously, if you are looking for a coach, hire her! You won't regret it.

Danielle Maguire

Theresa has opened my eyes to the importance of personal awareness. Awareness of myself, my actions, my behavior, my words, and the possibilities of how increased self-care, leading by example, and treating others as I’d like to be treated can open up new horizons of self-love,gratitude and greater confidence. Perhaps this testimonial will encourage another individual to take a leap of their own to reimagine new mindset possibilities.

Susan Bain

What I love about Theresa’s coaching is how accurately and timely she reflects back to you your own story. The chance to see for yourself where you are stuck in your tracks or where you are spinning your wheels is the ultimate unlock.

Theresa treats leaders like leaders. She allows you to show up as your full and true self, giving you the space to air everything that you need to air, in full confidentiality. She relays back powerful questions, reflections and suggestions for how to break through to the place you ultimately want to reach.

S. Mitchell Beats


How long is the program?

If you choose the pay-in-full plan we will customize the schedule in a way that best serves you over a minimum of 3-months to a maximum of 6-months. If you opt-in to the payment plan, we will meet twice per month over 6-months. 

What is included in this program?

12x one-on-one Coaching Sessions up to 60-min each along with tools&resources to support you as needed and on-demand support via text and messenger in-between sessions. This is a high-level container designed to help you accelerate your growth and redefine success so you can live in full alignment with your vision. 

How do we connect?

We will connect via zoom video call or phone, depending on your preference. 

When does the program start?

This is a one-on-one program and as such we start at anytime. Once you decide to join, we set-up a call and meet over virtual tea to chat about coaching cadence and will likely lock in a master time for us to meet. 

I am ready to explore it, but got more questions?

I so appreciate that coaching is an investment. If you'd like to connect over virtual tea before joining the program to make sure it's a fit, just click here to contact me and we can set-up a time to connect. I cannot wait to meet you,Theresa


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