There’s nothing wrong with having a team full of high achievers with ambitions, dreams, and goals. However, if your team can’t bear to think about them because they are so drained, they are doing something wrong. It’s likely their motivation has dropped and overall people are more burned out and less inspired to show up 100%. What they are feeling isn’t the difficulty of normal life. Don’t just accept it! Instead, let me help you by hosting this workshop to help you help them regain the energy they need to show up as their best most high-performing selves.

The truth is, many people hold onto unhealthy, unbalanced lifestyles because they’re afraid it’s the only way to reach their passions and success. This is backward. My workshop will take your team on an invaluable journey of self-reflection, giving them an opportunity to decompress, be honest, and re-identify what is most important to them. I will also share my best tips on how to thrive as a high achiever by boosting your lifestyle instead of undermining your passions. 

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  • They are exhausted
  • Motivation is just a memory
  • Relationships are strained
  • Sick calls are up in the office
  • People don’t ever switch off and consequently conflict and drama in the office is up
  • Life is a losing battle instead of an adventure filled with potential

As a professional in the hospitality industry, I’ve personally experienced all of the above symptoms. There is a way out. I found it, and I’m passionate about showing you and your team. Sign up today.

Like what you are reading but feel like you want to customize it more? I offer custom workshops upon request on topics reaching from creative problem solving to conflict resolution, company culture, workplace wellness, courage and confidence as well as the leadership journey. I’m very passionate about these topics and would love to add value to you, your team, or your company.

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