The Energy Code

A lifestyle and nutrition Program for ambitious career women ready to crack the energy code + achieve their goals with flo(w).

A lifestyle and nutrition Program for ambitious career women ready to crack the energy code + achieve their goals with flo(w).

Are you ready to feel Energized?

Imagine you had access to the energy you need to succeed?

Imagine you could achieve your goals with flo(w)?

Imagine leading yourself with confidence and creating the impact
that you desire?

What's Included

What's Included

What's Included

Inside the Energy Code Program you get

  • Six (6) – Training sessions targeted to help uncover mindset blocks, learn self-management tools, nutrition and lifestyle habits for energy and to achieve with flo(w).
  • Two (2) 1:1 private Coaching Sessions. to help you integrate the learning (one session with Theresa + one with Julie)
  • A Fuel for Energy Recipe guide 
  • A Supplement Guide curated specifically for high-performing women and to support recovery.
  • A signed Copy of Theresa Lambert’s Bestselling book “Achieve with Grace"
  • Lifetime access to the training modules.


In just 6 week’s you'll learn how to unlock the energy code and achieve your goals with flo(w).

Let’s be honest for a hot minute. Most of us ambitious women struggle and strive our way to achieve our goals.

Let’s be honest for a hot minute. Most of us ambitious women struggle and strive our way to achieve our goals.

We run on tight timelines, deadlines and rigid schedules like it’s the latest fashion statement…

Can you relate?


If you’re an ambitious, career-driven woman in a thriving job with BIG goals, then chances are we have more in common than you may think..

If you’re an ambitious, career-driven woman in a thriving job with BIG goals, then chances are we have more in common than you may think..

As two female leaders who care about their success and get a high out of achieving our goals, we learned the hard way that it is not easy to do your best work or show up as your best self when you’re running on max, feeling disconnected from your work, or settling for an unfulfilling life in the name of success...

And when you’re striving that hard, and you notice that it’s not bringing you real results anymore...

Motivation wanes, self-doubt settles in, and you start questioning if your work really matters or is worth all the personal sacrifices you’re making.

The pushing, the striving, the “just one more hour” becomes a way of life, until one day you wake up tired. Too tired to pretend, too tired to keep going and too tired to figure out WHY or HOW to get past this plateau. But it doesn't end here...

We started to recognize along our paths that the worlds solution to this predicament is MORE.

More projects.

More productivity tools.

More tasks.

More followers.

More strategies.

More learning.

More effort.

More time.

It’s no wonder most ambitious women are afraid to slow the heck down and end up in a cycle of burning themselves out over and over all in the name of success.. (ourselves included)


Because we’ve been programmed to believe the only way to be successful is to work harder and harder and more and more hours.

Because we've been taught that in order to be more efficient we've got to get better at managing our time.

And seing you are a Rockstar, you’ve likely proven this theory with your impressive results fuelled by hard work. Until all felt too much....until even the best time management tools started letting you down. Yup, the struggle is real...

What if there was..

A kinder way…

A more efficient way…

A way that felt effortless…

A way that was naturally within you.

A way to succeed without the busyness, exhaustion and rushing through life.

A way to go after those big goals of your's without burning out in the process.

A way to knock things off your task list that feels effortless.

A way to be successful that includes time to refill your cup and feel energized by what you do.

A  way that doesn't require you to do more or be more...

Would you want to know how?

Did you say YES?



$ 499

The Code
  • Access Deepening your awareness

  • ToolsNutrition + Lifestyle

  • PlanIntentional Action

  • EnterCyclical Living Part I

  • UnlockCyclical living Part II

  • openThe Energy



Deep clarity around what led you to exhaustion so that you can live and lead with more control and confidence in your life and career.

Empowered to prioritize yourself without feeling guilty or feeling insecure about the impact it could have on your career.

In flow and at ease while experiencing increased productivity and focus.

Excited to fuel your body with foods that give you more energy and feel confident and resilient in your body.

You are finally able to slow down without impacting your results or worrying abut falling behind. Bye Bye Struggle...

Confident in your leadership capability.

An enhanced professional presence to make a greater impact.

A higher level of stress resiliency and the ability to bounce back from set backs faster.

And finally you'll start feeling like your most powerful self again



Whether you are a high achieving, driven woman in a leadership role, or not, we are all women filled with ample power and there are endless gems for everyone in this insightful mastermind. Theresa and Julie are a force to reckoned with, a dream duo, balancing key nutrition and business, led with thoughtful intention, setting you up for success with a toolbox of crucial, takeaways to refer to at any stage in life. Working 100 hours a week, running on a hamster wheel, to knock out our goals is not the only way. I am incredibly grateful for these special humans". 
Sending you both so much love and gratitude,
Robyn xo

The last 6 weeks with you has been a game changer for me. Thank you for taking YOUR leap of faith and created/designed experiences for women to learn for themselves that we have the strength, power and wisdom to do the same. To feel safe to be vulnerable and share deep rooted fears that have come from so long ago and unleash our own faith in who we are - at least that's been my experience. Loving this journey!


The benefits of joining this Program...

  • Create powerful self-awareness and create the experience of life you desire
  • Learn to implement healthier boundaries to have more time to do things you love
  • Understand how to use Intentional Goal Setting and Energy Management so you can crush those big goals of yours again
  • Learn simple meals that will fuel you throughout the day for energy and focus.
  • Implement new daily habits that will set you up to lead with confidence and ease.
  • Know how to tap into your feminine superpower to achieve your goals with flo(w)
  • Feel heard and accepted in a small group setting with other high-achieving, competent, impressive women 

Come explore your ability to HAVE IT ALL as a successful woman!

We can't wait to meet you, Julie + Theresa


How long is the course?

The course is self-paced but we recommend watching one training session each week for a total of 6-weeks 

What is included in this program?

  • 6 Training Sessions that are available immediately with lifetime access
  • tools & resources to support you
  • Bonus 45-minute nutritional consultation with Julie Pecarski
  • Bonus 1-1 Coaching Session with Theresa Lambert


Tell me more about the meal plan. What if I am vegetarian?

Great question. We have created a plan that offers options for most food preferences. However, to be clear, this isn't a meal plan program. We will actually teach you the ideal nutrients to eat so that you can incorporate into your life based on your meal preferences.

Are there any additional costs?

You will be provided with a recipe book, recommendations on key ingredients and a supplementation plan. While these may be additional costs, we encourage you to have full exposure to the program. We encourage you to look at these as investment into your health. We believe it's worth it to feel better


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