The Busy Mind

A 5-day Course to Calm your mind and return to your elegance WHILE experiencing success.

A 5-day Course to Calm your mind and return to your elegance WHILE experiencing success.

Let’s face it, we’re all wondering what’s going to happen next.

We want answers, we want knowings, we want ANYTHING that feels safe.

The wild thing about being in these items together, is that we are ALL in the wild

unknown together.

We’re all deeply questioning how this next season will go...

With so many political, economical, household, and social changes....

Hardly any of the world looks recognizable these days. Do you feel that too?

I can see you nodding your head over there, feeling like I’m talking right to you...

But the thing is, the entire collective feels the same.

So if we’re all in a season of unknowns do we find safety in that?

How do we ease into the questions? How do we settle into the cracks of our human foundation?

We calm our minds and surrender into the trust and knowing that what’s ahead is exactly what’s meant for us.

We trust that as a human race, we can handle it.

We draw on experience of being in this familiar feeling before.

We rely on each other...

And that’s why I created this course - THE BUSY MIND - to really help you settle your nervous thoughts and sink into trust.

Are you ready to slow your mind?

Are you prepared to settle into the unknown with trust over fear?

What you'll learn inside this course...

What you'll learn inside this course...

What you'll learn inside this course...
  • Module 1: How to live in the present moment without getting too far ahead of yourself

  • Module 2: How to stay in your own lane

  • Module 3: How to let go and find peace in surrender

  • Module 4: How to value your own opinion more than “theirs”

  • Module 5: How to fall in love with and prioritize your own Self

Get instant access to all 5 training videos with lifetime access! 


...Constantly worry about the future

...Worry about other people’s thoughts

...Be most comfortable when you’re in control

...Place a high value on other people’s opinions

...Place a high value on being liked by others

...Put yourself last

And trust me when I say this, I GET IT!

My mind used to be so busy, I couldn't focus during the day or sleep at night.

And then I started figuring out, how our mind works, how we can calm it down and ultimately a way to return to my elegance WHILE experiencing wild success!


Investment: $88


Success Kit

5-powerful training Modules

Lifetime Access

What the women inside the program shared..


I have noticed a shift on me showing up. I prepared my work space at home to be more "me" and then prepared my mind for the feeling I wanted out of my meetings.

It was great.

I have also shared these ideas with some colleagues and my husband. So excited to share what you have taught and to point them to your course as well. Thank you

Nancy P.

I've been taking some time each morning to just sit, in silence, with my dog, sip my morning coffee and set some intentions and easy achievable goals for my day.

1. How do I feel today

2. How do I want to show up today

3. How do I want to move my body today that will serve me.

Even when I know I have a busy day ahead and a million things I could be doing, giving myself this time allows me to put things in perspective. I'm only as "busy" as I want to be.

Lou O'B.

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