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It's time to leave behind the "busy equals success" lie of intense workplaces and achieve with grace!

Renowned Strategist & Coach Theresa Lambert shares her incredible journey in the world of luxury hospitality for the first time in this transformational book. 
Her smart strategies and actionable coaching model will help you:
- change your story,
- understand your drivers, triggers and motivators, 
- create a balanced, energy-saving approach to achieving goals,
- learn what it really means to practice self-care. 
Become wholly satisfied in all areas of your life as you achieve elegantly -- and start today! If you are an ambitious leader who feels pressure to measure your success by validation or external results, it's time to transform the way you work and live. 

Praise for Achieve with Grace

“Achieve With Grace resonates with truth, vulnerability and inspiration. Yes, it is about your career and leadership, but what it is really about is finding the truest meaning in your life, the one that may be hidden behind the expectations of others. Theresa's voice rings clearly and authentically throughout, and it is easy to see how she helps so many people to achieve a state of balanced energy and elegant results. It is so rare to find a book that inspires, motivates, and is also so incredibly doable. Achieve With Grace is not just for the stressed out over-achieving is for all of us!”

- Fiona Douglas-Crampton President & CEO of The Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education


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Graceful High Achiever (n.)

| a poised and successful person who radiates a balanced and captivating energy; a person who seeks to achieve greatness yet does not measure themselves by external factors and validation; displaying "pretty agility" while savoring each moment on this incredible journey we call life.|

"While the quest to create work-life balance may be impossible, Theresa illustrates through her own story that work-life integration is achievable. We can be more fulfilled and productive in all areas of our life, when we prioritize self-care, which Theresa defines as self respect. When we take care of our body, mind and spirit first, we are able to show up in our careers and relationships with a sense of vitality and grace, and with an energy that inspires others. The great John Maxwell says “A coach is someone who goes before and shows the way”; thank you Theresa for sharing wisdom from your own journey and guiding us along ours. Keep shining your light!"

Megan Dell
Certified Health Coach, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, Former Hospitality Colleague of Theresa, Mother and Wife

"This book dispels the myth that success can only be attained through self-sacrifice, long hours and an uncompromising focus on results. Instead, Theresa Lambert provides proof that self-care and values play a pivotal role in building a life that highlights thriving versus striving. She mixes inspirational storytelling with practical advice on how to change your trajectory from burnout to achieving with grace. "

Cathy Goddard
Business Coach and Mentor Program Facilitator, Founder of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies

"This is a book about action with intention. We all seek more balance - Theresa flips the concept of balance on its side and shows us that we are the architects of our life. There are practical tips and thought-provoking questions for those of us who want live with more grace, less hustle and still be impactful in their career and life"

Julie Pecarski, BA, RHN

"Theresa's experience and passion make her the right person to educate you on taking charge of how you spend your time. Her method will teach you how to slow down to get ahead and the world is lucky to have her knowledge captured in a book"

Blair Kaplan Venables
Best Selling Author of Pulsing Through My Veins: Raw And Real Stories From An Entrepreneur, Founder of the I Am Resilient Project and President of Blair Kaplan Communication

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