I remember what it feels like to wake up and start your day being chased — chased by emails and customer complaints, by staff and team members who think you have all the answers, by your unproductive inner perfectionist. When I was 29 years old, I was offered a general manager position at a boutique hotel and leaped in head-first to a demanding role with a steep learning curve. While I loved my job, I became my last priority because I was obsessed with proving my worth.

Well, here’s what happened when I started working 70 hours per week — I piled on 20 pounds in two months because I was convinced I didn’t have time to take care of myself. Suddenly, just getting out of bed started to feel like a chore. Decision-fatigue had me turning to everyone else for their opinions, which became even more exhausting and time-consuming. Even though I was working unsustainable hours in hospitality management, I was too tired to focus or get anything done. This forced me to play catch-up on the weekends to say ahead. I was thinking about work even when I wasn’t at work, which began having a direct impact on my relationship.

The unhealthy routine affected my personality, too. I’d be quick to criticize others and lose my head in a crisis because I didn’t have the energy or patience to deal with it. Even if our company revenue was up and it looked like I was the poster child for success on the outside, I felt like a hot mess on the inside.

My creativity and decision-making skills suffered because I was thinking about work 24/7. Not only did I lose confidence in myself, but I could tell my team was losing confidence in me. I couldn’t even picture my future aspirations and personal growth because I was already so overwhelmed and overextended.

The harder I worked, the less energy and motivation I had, the less productive and inspired I was, and the less influential and impactful I became as a leader.

Even when I reached a high at work, the low would always follow

Burnout, relationship conflicts, and unproductivity immediately followed short periods of success. I knew there had to be a healthier, more sustainable way to achieve my goals while keeping my life in balance.

So I started making small changes that had a big impact like:

  • Switching from a high-intensity workout routine that drained me to a gentler yoga and fitness regimen that nourished my body and spirit
  • Retreating for 30 minutes of quiet in the morning instead of checking my emails first thing and starting my day in an anxious state
  • Negotiating a 30% pay increase at work, delegating the work I didn’t love or need to be doing, and defining stronger boundaries to protect my time and energy
  • Hiring extra support after waiting way too long to do so and holding others more accountable so I could take time for myself
  • Saying no to more social events, volunteer requests, and board roles (and realizing people respect you even more for it)
  • Cooking more meals at home and taking lunch breaks away from my desk to socialize with colleagues
  • Keeping my phone out of my relationship and prioritizing quality time together with the people who mattered most to me

Eventually, I shed 30 pounds and turned around my relationship.

Because I wasn’t so tired at work anymore, I felt creative and motivated again in hospitality management. I regained trust in myself and my decisions. Protecting my boundaries meant I could focus on the work that actually moved me closer to my goals and allowed me to get more done. I was finally able to master my emotions and push pause when problems or conflicts came up, leading to a restored company culture.

The best of all? I had more time and space to actually think about the real issues at work and brainstorm smarter strategies to navigate them. When you’re in constant busy mode, all you can see is a short-term fix. But once you step away from the crazy and overwhelming moments, you’re able to see the big picture and achieve better results.

Why I’m uniquely qualified to help you

After being my own test subject, now I help busy and ambitious humans like you rise to your potential without working yourself into the ground.

The building blocks we use to do that are:

developing leadership skills that cultivate confidence

practicing self-care and self-awareness to bring back balance

making mindset shifts that teach you how to trust your inner wisdom.

These are the exact same pillars that were a catalyst for my own transformation.

Combining my experience as a GM of a 24/7 hospitality business with my passion for leadership development and wellness gives me a chance to help you transform the way you work and live using this three-pronged, holistic approach.

Whether your aspiration is to meet your financial goal for this quarter, find peace within yourself again, build better communication and conflict resolution skills, or double your energy and show up for that yoga class you promised yourself, I can help you get the results you want in the most productive manner.

Coaching Certifications​

  • Certified Mastery Transformational Coach
  • Transformational Coach Certification
  • Certified & Registered Health Coach
  • Life Coaching Certification
  • Creative Coaching Certification with LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® Method
  • Certified Basadur Profile Administrator
  • Certified Change Management Professional


Theresa Lambert is the general manager of Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, B.C., a Certified Change Management Professional, and a Certified Mastery Transformational Coach registered for individuals and teams. In her 14-plus years spent coaching, directing, and leading her own hotel management team, Theresa has seen burnout rates reach an all-time high.

When the high-pressure demands of her job and her own hustler mindset resulted in two back-to-back burnouts that set her health and career back, she realized there had to be a better way to build the life she wanted doing the work she loved. Now Theresa is on a mission to change the way high-achieving hospitality management professionals work with a holistic approach that blends leadership skills, healthy habits, and mindfulness to help you reach new levels of success and fulfillment without the personal trade-offs. This leads to transformation in your personal and professional life.

Theresa has been recognized as a business leader in Whistler’s Profiles of Excellence, featured in Hotelier Magazine and Beyourown, and spoken at Women in Hospitality Leadership events, including Empower Her. She coaches ambitious and driven individuals on how to re-establish balance and teaches them that success truly can coexist with peace, close relationships, hobbies, wellness, and all the other building blocks that drive a satisfying and fulfilling life!

As the creator and facilitator of her online course “Lost to Purpose,” Theresa teaches you her unique SAILOR method so you can learn how to create purpose that fuels your passion, lead from a place of calm and positivity, and live a well-balanced live that fulfills you on all levels while achieving impactful results.