Build a business strategy with magnitude and direction.

Build a business strategy with magnitude and direction.

The Velocity Masterclass will return November 2021

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Do you feel in control of your business?

Do you feel in control of your business?

Do you have a strategy you trust or do you find yourself questioning every decision you make?

Does the thought of a business strategy make you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

We totally get it. 

But creating a strategy that actually works for YOUR business isn't as hard as you think. 

Let us show you how to create one with magnitude and a clear direction so you can throw that guessing game out of the window for good!

Hi, Theresa and Blair here.

We are two badass entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, coaches and biz mentors, who’ve had success, felt success, questioned our own success and reclaimed it.

We've got a combined business experience of over 35 years and have built and run our own companies as well as worked for and managed 7 and 8 figure businesses. 

In a nutshell, we know a thing or three about creating business strategy that actually creates momentum and delivers results!

In this FREE 4-hour Masterclass you'll learn

In this FREE 4-hour Masterclass you'll learn

In this FREE 4-hour Masterclass you'll learn
  • How to create a simple business strategy for YOUR business 
  • How to incorporate tools to get your message out and be visible online 
  • How to be a thought leader to establish yourself as an expert in your niche


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Theresa & Blair created a wonderful masterclass on building a business strategy with ease and getting clear on my bigger vision.  I loved how Theresa walked us through the importance of incorporating innate strengths, values, creating visibility, and having fun along the way.  That it doesn't have to feel like "pushing through" and wearing myself out, yet it can be an enjoyable process of discovery, and creating an amazing life that is in alignment with my values.  Blair also gave us some great tips on how to position ourselves as a thought leader through networking and social media optimization.  Theresa and Blair have a great energy together!  They are both so warm & engaging with the audience.  Velocity is a fabulous way to jump start your business, receive valuable tips on clarifying your vision, and build a marketing strategy with strength.  I highly recommend this masterclass!  

Anne Crook


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