Uncertainty is a Rocket Fuel for worry!

There is a way to forge ahead without the stress, worry and overwhelm; even when nothing is certain. It's my Mission to help YOU do exactly that!

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What would your life be like if you had the energy to show up to do your best work? 

What would change if you valued yourself simply for who you are?

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As your Coach I will provide you with the system, support and strategic guidance to succeed!


There are three things all of my clients have in common:

  1. They are highly ambitious and driven.

  2. They are smart.

  3. They believe that chronic stress and exhaustion is just the prize you have to pay for the success you crave. 

When we chose to make sacrifices in the name of success and are constantly chasing external validation and results, we are setting ourselves up to get trapped in a vicious cycle that can lead to frustration, overwhelm and burnout.

How do I know? I’ve been there.

After two career-stalling burnouts, I was forced to find another way. I put myself first, I challenged my thoughts around what success "looks like" by understanding the story behind my actions, and I learned to achieve more with grace and ease; leaving chronic stress and exhaustion behind. Not only was I able to create a sustainable way to succeed, but I also learned to let go of the need to control the outcomes and feel comfortable with uncertainty and embrace change.

As a Mastery Certified Transformational Coach and seasoned hospitality executive, I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to. 

My private coaching programs are by application only to make sure it's a perfect fit. Contact me to apply for a 30-minute discovery session and let's explore how I can help you reach your goals.

Apply for a 30-minute discovery session today


Using a transformational executive coaching framework I will help you:


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Gain clarity 



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Create a blueprint for success



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Unlock High-Performance




Success Stories

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What I love about Theresa’s coaching is how accurately and timely she reflects back to you your own story. The chance to see for yourself where you are stuck in your tracks or where you are spinning your wheels is the ultimate unlock.

Theresa treats leaders like leaders. She allows you to show up as your full and true self, giving you the space to air everything that you need to air, in full confidentiality. She relays back powerful questions, reflections and suggestions for how to break through to the place you ultimately want to reach.

~ S. Mitchell Beats

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Theresa always listens to what you are saying and by asking the tough questions that you may not want to hear, you can identify them, then learn more about them and then develop a better understanding of yourself and your team’s dynamics.

After every session there was something that you could implement back into your day to day life or work and start making the positive changes.

Theresa treats you as an equal and her hospitality and coaching passion is so strong that she is a cheerleader for your success.

~ F. Stewart

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Theresa walked me through a journey back to my childhood where I was able to revisit repeated traumatic experiences that have continued to profoundly effect me in both my personal and professional life. This journey has re shaped how I perceive these experiences, reducing my anxiety when triggered in today’s world. Simple, small yet extremely effective tools.

Thank you Theresa for helping me lift the heaviness in my heart and providing a safe place to look back at a time full of fear. I can smile now where anxiety had lived for so long

~ CEO 

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